Cabbage (Glory of Enkhuizen)

A tasty and attractive variety of cabbage and one of the popular varieties in West, East and Central Africa. The plant is low and relatively wide. The heads are medium large, flat round, green, firm and sweet. Matures after about 65-90 days with the head weighing about 3.5 kg. It may be grown early in the season, or if planted late in the season tastes good and has a long shelf-life.

This variety of cabbage is popular among market gardeners and ideal for the home and small holder gardens. Harvesting is spread for about three weeks thus market supply can be over a long period.

Cabbage (Gloria F1 variety)

This variety is known for its worldwide adaptability and resistant to cabbage yellow wilt. It is a midearly maturing variety, ready for harvesting in 60-90 days after transplanting. Head weighs about 4 kg with solid blue-green colour and thick waxy layer and has strong rooting.