Tomato (Roma VF)

Roma VF is a popular processing variety with good dry matter content. Fruits are smooth, fleshy pear shaped, and weighs about 70gm, 3” long red plum, and do not have a green base or crack. It is high yielding, determinate variety, with uniform ripening for mechanical harvesting, and heavy foliage cover. It’s resistant to Verticillium and Fusarium wilts, with Roma VFN being also resistant to nematodes. It is one of the most popular varieties.

Tomato (Moneymaker)

Moneymaker is a vigorous, tall-growing indeterminate variety. The fruits are bright red, medium size, round, very smooth, firm fleshed. Average weight is about 100g, although largest fruits can weigh over 140g. Moneymaker is a very popular fresh market variety.